Jackie Fisher Marketing


Jackie’s Background

20+ successful years in advertising that includes newspaper and print, radio marketing consultant, ad agency senior media buyer, commercial copy writing and production for radio and TV, voice-over talent, business owner and President of an advertising agency.

Jackie knows the industry from the inside out. She knows what works and what doesn’t. She knows what is available, and what to ask for. Her expertise, passion and commitment to the success of her clients have been repeatedly recognized for its effectiveness

Keith’s Background

20+ years as business owner, marketing consultant to the automotive aftermarket, customer relations specialist, and national award winning senior account executive, with a background in technical direction, scenic design, lighting design, and performing for the theater. 

Keith has repeatedly been recognized for his outstanding sales performance, which he credits to his devotion to personalized customer service. Both his sales and creative experience make him invaluable to his clients at Jackie Fisher Marketing & Media.